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Exposed: The hypocritical liars of Human Right Watch (HRW)

The hypocritical liars of HRW using photo from 4nd May in Odessa ( two days after brutal massacre) as photo from Russia. These stupids didn’t try to hide Ukrainian insignia from policemen.
Extremely disgusting that HRW used a photo from the brutal massacre of Odessa antifascists by fascists.
It is a crime they did not try to disclose, HRW hide the truth and use other people’s grief for their purposes.
Since HRW serves the interests of the EU, the US, the victim of May 2 in Odessa are indirect victims of HRW. This organization supported the fascist coup in Kiev and hides a significant part of the Kiev junta crimes.
And now they used a photo of distraught with grief Odessian mother. HRW staff deserve the harsh treatment as accomplices of the fascists and terrorists.

Site of HRW petition to John Kerry, which using this photo



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