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Fresh Sanctions Go Against Common Sense, Moscow Vows ‘Appropriate’ Response

Because of the EU forcing another round of hostile to Russian sanctions Monday, the Russian Foreign Ministry released an announcement saying that the choice to broaden the sanctions goes against goes against common sense  and will “get a proper response.

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MOSCOW (Ooduarere) — New sanctions against Russia from the European Union will be met with an fitting reaction, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a explanation posted on its official site Monday.

“One thing is clear: such decisions, which will get an appropriate reaction, contradict common sense and go against finding a solution to Ukraine’s domestic conflict,” the service said.

The service called the presentation of sanctions irrational and unintelligible, saying that Brussels was obliging the Kiev “party of war.” Earlier on Monday, the European Union distributed another list of 19 Russian and Ukrainian people and nine elements to be included to their boycott over their affirmed part in the destabilization of Ukraine.

The boycott focuses on two Russian parliamentarians, as well as three guard service authorities. The Novorossiya public movement, giving backing to eastern Ukraine, is additionally sanctioned by the EU.

At a phenomenal gathering in Brussels on January 29, EU outside boss said they were incorporating a rundown of new names to be targeted on by EU travel bans and asset freeze.

On February 9, EU ministers concurred to freeze the benefits of and boycott entrance to the coalition to more people supposedly connected to eastern Ukrainian freedom supporters. Then again, Brussels put off the release of the list in order not to impede Ukraine compromise talks held a week ago, expedited by Russia, France, Ukraine and Germany which resulted in a ceasefire deal.

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