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I Didn’t Serve Tea That Killed Abiola; I’ll Back Igbo For 2019 Presidency – IBB

Previous Head of State, Ibrahim Babangida, says he will bolster Igbo to take over  power in 2019. He made the disclosure to The Interview, a magazine distributed by Azu Ishiekwene, concentrating on leading experts and lawmakers.

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  1. Paul Ifeanyi Obiji

    My Igbo brothers and sisters must start to organize now, form alliances with other tribes and outside the South South, especially with South West and the Middle Belt. Start to promote one very important person that would be acceptable to people outside South South and South East. Igbo must try to separate from the South South’s politics, so that core North does not ascribe Jonathan to them. Now it is the time to bury Biafra….Promote South East, not as Biafra, but a region whose time has come to produce the next Nigerian presidency…

  2. Cecil Chukwuma Anopueme

    The feelers I’m getting suggests that proponents of Biafra are not interested in the presidency of Nigeria, they want out completely, they’re fed up and are prepared to damn the consequences of starting all over again. Indeed they would rather do that than continue with the current marriage with the rest of Nigeria.
    Guess what I understand their position and completely identify with the quest for self determination. No successful new nation is inherited, it is built from the efforts and sweat of the inhabitants of the new nation and I have no doubt that the people that will make up a new Biafran nation have all it takes to build a new nation that will be the envy of all in no distant future.

  3. Yakub Muraina

    If at all you live to see 2019 because you did not say In Sha Allah. You however served the order that bombed Dele Giwa.

  4. Shehu Abubakar

    This make me to remember one article that said”the road to aso rock doesn’t start from miñna”

  5. Atakuotor Comrade Ovie

    Hahaha, he couldn’t even support himself, to get the throne again. IBB, I’m sorry to tell you that, you are as relevant as a burnt firewood. Bye Mr IBB

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