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Mba, come off the codeine – You don’t have any rights in Nigeria! (Interesting read)

I am amused. My Naija pipo na wah. We too get comedians.

So, the ‘uproar’ is ‘oh the defections is not in our interests’!

‘oh defections are a slap on our democratic rights’!

‘oh, the PDP is the genesis of our problems, defection to their party is not advised’

Whatever your ‘oh’ is, I want you to shake off your shackles and see the road clearly.

1. Nigeria was not formed in your interests by British colonisers and the political parties in Nigeria since they left, have never given a f”ck about you.
The Economist reckons over 70% out of the approximate $500-600 billion oil ? receipts since independence have been stolen.

Nothing has changed with the Ayatollah. In fact he’s grabbing the Niger Delta oil to build rail and refineries for his Nigerien bros.

2. Defections aren’t a slap in your face. The only time I can say your votes mattered was when you voted Abiola. Even that was annulled.
The financial inducement by the APC Jagabandits in Lagos, the equal purchase of votes by GEJ in PH, and the brazen cash for confirmed votes in Ekiti last week, show us you and I don’t really matter.

Not even our football teams. Emmanuel Adebayor was rejected the U-17 trials because he had no bribes to pay.

Okocha was not deemed worthy of any Nigerian club until he went on holidays in Germany and decided to have a five-aside at a local park. He was approached. He didn’t need to approach anybody. His talents spoke for him in Germany but was dumb in Naija.

Your current coach, who was the assistant at the World Cup, earns 3 million but takes 360k bribes. Is he thinking about the rights of players who might be talented but have no bribe to offer?

The Jagaban sets up Alpha Beta and they are given the keys to Rob the state blind. Most tax paying Lagosians have objected to that heist.
Did he listen to you? Did your citizenship count? Buhahaha ha.

We knew about the dictatorial tendencies of the reticulated Ayatollah. But since PDP were so corrupt they’d sell Nigeria (probably a good thing), we sided with him and the Jagaban to dethrone them.

Hunger has pervaded the land, thousands of our citizens cried out for protection from his kinsmen, he turned a deaf ear to them and today, they lay six feet under.
What rights should the dead claim?

Corruption under the APC is at the same levels with the PDP!
We protested, raised our voices, wrote, were we listened to?
Instead, the Fulani Herdsmen were protected by the armed forces according to ex military leaders. The government is also grabbing lands and using public funds to help the Fulani murderers.

Have you seen any Fula murderer in jail?

Yet the Zak Zakky guy and Dasuki have been kept in detention against court rulings! Is that not a repudiation of the constitution?

Yet you are pretending you have a right? Mba, come off the codeine. You don’t have any rights. The constitution is not respected and certainly, your breads are not buttered.


So it’s a lack of knowledge to situate imaginary constructs and present them as the reality. That’s called delusion.

Be like Jesus.

He was sandwiched between two thieves. Jesus is an omnipotent. He knew messing about will not work.
So he sent one to hell fire, and retained one who acknowledged his folly.

The joke has always been on all of us – Nigerians. So be wise. Take the advice of Cardinal Richelieu. Be pragmatic.

Don’t wait for your enemies to self-destruct. They won’t. It’s like the Terminator film. They keep shape shifting and returning from the dead.

To help yourselves, you have to become ACTIVE PLAYERS in the game.


Muck in, jump in and help destroy any party that is not what we want.

What we have in Lagos is an hegemony.
What we have in Abuja is even worse.

Help to dethrone and retire both!

As for the perennial thieves in the PDP, once they don’t have the APC to decamp to, you will be in a situation to finish them off.

That’s how we win.

So let’s dump the pretense. We are not ax democracy. We are a kleptocracy.

We are even so dubious we cannot get the political model of the country right. We operate a Unitary system and call is a Federal system.


We cannot run away from going back to the basics.

Self determination.
True Fiscal Federalism.
Law and Order.

If you like spend another 40 years, until the needful is done, forget it.

And those looking for imaginary ‘saviours’ to arise out of nowhere, keep deluding yourselves.

Your environment can only produce what it’s endowed with.

You cannot magic a good man out of a totally corrupt environment.

Jesse Bay

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