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Opinion: Chibok Girls Kidnapped Saga Was a Propaganda Strategy ?

Does It mean chibok Girls kidnapped saga was Propaganda because it seems no Girls has been found inside Sambisa and rescued Uptill Now

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  1. Shehu Abubakar

    big political propaganda just to get to jonathan. Now he is out of way the girls are all a dead story, Beautiful minds in apc and north east right

  2. No one wants to answer this question;

    How come only them and all of them married off? ….these are Necessary questions considering that there are many other girls rescued even during Jonathan and still being rescued and those that ran off boko haram camp.

    Is it a coincident that all of those from chibok school are married?
    Is it a bad luck that non was among those so far rescued?

  3. Nlemedim Lawrence Nnanna

    You’re asking as if you’re from the moon, hahahahahahaha….

  4. Nlemedim Lawrence Nnanna

    My brother it’s the same thinking here

  5. Nlemedim Lawrence Nnanna

    How come none of all these people rescued never own up to being amongst the bunch that was captured from chibok

  6. Babalola Belovedjohn

    The true story on Chibok girls would be told in the next ten years because the actors behind it are still relevant to their pple. Ask yourself why the sudden silence of the #bringbackourgirls group. I am sure they must have realised that it was a political scam kawai…

  7. Paul Ifeanyi Obiji

    Even the photos of the alleged girls in the forest, which was revealed to the media, showed women who were clearly older than secondary school age. If they have been “dispersed” then where to? I have never heard of any abduction happening anywhere on this planet, on such a large scale and people just vanish without a trace. We have economic fraud, religious scams perpetuated by so called “men of God” it would only be a matter of time before politics has it’s own share in the maelstrom of confusion that is Nigeria.

  8. Izuchi Joseph

    Why do people keep lying that the BBOG group is quiet?? They still meet campaign everyday outside Unity Fountain and have been doing so for over a year. Why dont peeps go there and see them with their own eyes??

    Those who cannot be as faithful and as committed as Obu Ezekwesili are the ones abusing and calling her names.

    She is a determined woman to be proud of.

  9. Nigeria 419 Obama. Michelle Obama enter one chance

  10. Or Maybe they havent returned from mecha

  11. Nnamani Stephen Okechukwu

    It was not true , its a ploy by the Apc to blackmail Jonathan out of office , and that is why Oby Ezekwesili stopped her campaign , now power is their hands no more fictitious chibok girls parents crying and swaring , and northern leader has come out to address the chibok girls issue

  12. Balogun Adesina

    The Chibok story is a script well written for a purpose and we have only watched the part 1 where Gej played the role of the “bad man”. Bad men are always losers in any movie remember. Watch out for the part 2 my brother Bello and there you’ll get the answer to your question. The movie is a box office in the making.


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