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Three unbelievable things probably if not in Nigeria will never happen in any country of the world

Every country needs rule of law, discipline, and order to survive. The laws and rules been constituted by communities and nation are meant to keep the community and the states to keep going.

The system of punishment, prison terms and even death sentences are meant to deter people from violating the law. That also will protect the communities and its people from evil and harm.

In Nigeria just like any other nation, there are laws, rules, codes, acts, bye laws, edicts and various decrees enacted, passed and implemented in order that Nigeria will keep going in order. Unfortunately, in Nigeria, those above said laws are not obeyed. When those laws, orders are violated, the law should be allowed to take its course. Unfortunately, in Nigeria, it is the government officials that are violating the law. They are not – as they cannot be brought before justice in Nigeria.

In some countries, when government officials violate the law, they resign or got removed. Scandal of US presidents, Nixon, Clinton got them out of office, Godon Brown of UK, Prime Ministers of Japan (from 2010 to date) etc. But in Nigeria, they don’t resign. They even get to enjoy their offices more. The Zaki Biam, Baga massacre, Haliburton scandal, fuel subsidy killing, the missing 20 billion dollars scandal are enough to bring down a government.

After carefully analyzing some unbelievable facts, I came to conclusion that some 3 unbelievable facts, if not in Nigeria cannot happen in any country of the world;
Firstly, the current general level of insecurity in Nigeria and the way our government is handling it: it is believe that over 14 thousand people have been killed so far. Also, over 3 million people are believed to have been displaced in Nigeria. Over 1 trillion naira is budgeted and spent on security annually. Unfortunately, security has kept on deteriorating day in – day out. Insurgency in the North East, cattle stealers, in the North West, tribal clashes in the North Central, militancy in the South-South, kidnapping in the South East and cultism in the South West, etc. If not in Nigeria, where on earth will this happen?

Secondly, the level of corruption, looting and misappropriation of public funds: just recently, 20 billion dollars went missing, over 40 billion excess crude account disappeared, legislature catering away 25 percent of national budget, over 20 billion naira spent on Presidency yearly, over 2 trillion stolen from subsidy scheme, a single minister buying a 1 billion dollar house in Austria, another minister buying 2 cars of 255 million naira, etc. It is believed that over 10 trillion naira has been stolen from Nigeria since independence. If not Nigeria – in Nigeria where on earth will this kind of massive looting spree take place?

Thirdly, subsequent government failures, lies and unwillingness: the subsequent and persistent government failure in carrying out it duties and programs. Same mistake have been allowed to take place in Nigeria. Nigeria is not learning lesson. Its is now time for Nigeria to develop. The government should try to put its best to develop the country. If Nigeria fails, it is not only the poor. Nigerian people that failed, it is all of the people of Nigeria that failed.

Comrade Abdulbaqi. Aliyu Jari

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