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The proposed Jewish state of Israel: Another apartheid state in the making

The move by Israeli Prime Minister Natanyahu (LA) to rename the democratic state of Israel to Jewish state of Israel is most unfortunate, barbaric, in humane, and anti semetic.

The bill is expected to go to Israel parliament the  Knesst next week. This development is part of series of Israel’s plan to continue causing tension and creating havoc and chaos in the middle east.

The proposed apartheid bill if passed into law, it will make all non jewish people living in Israel second class citizens, and that will undermine the voice and participation of the non jewish population. Out of the 8 million or so people of Israel, Arabs-Israelis account for about 2 million people. That is equivalent to 25 percent of the population of Israel. If the bill is passed, those 2 million people may likely be dis franchised and refugees in their own country.

The World has condemned the move by state of Israel and I have joined in doing that. That was why US State Secretary John Kerry said ” a jewish state of Israel means and apartheid state of Israel”. Due to this kinds of terrorizing actions by Israel, that was why the state of Peru leveled it a terrorist state this year.

Since the creation of state of Israel in 1960s, Israel has not been living in peace with its six Arab neighbors – especially Palestine and Lebanon. The first and second  Intifada (war between combine forces  of Arabs and Israel), Egypt, palestine and host of other Arabs countries waged a battle against Israel. That resulted into thousands of death and permanent enmity between Arab and Israel.  Saudi Arabia, egypt, Libya, Morocco, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine and Jordan.

Palestine is the closest neighbor of Israel,  since 1960s, over 500 thousand people have been killed by Israel. And its forces. The blocked that Israel places on Palestine for the fast 7 years has killed many people, businesses, futures and ambitions of Palestinians.
Out of over 20 Arab counties, and over 100 Islamic, muslim majority states including Nigeria, Israel has not been recognized as a state by more than 30 of them. In fact, with about 205 countries in this world,  less than 50 of them have recognized Israel.

The world should put a stop to Israel’s proposed discriminatory actions. For peace to be achieved in the middle-east, the US, the UN and the  world should lead the way in ensuring peace in the middle-east, and in the whole world .

Comrade Abdulbaqi Aliyu Jari

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