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Shocking Video: Katsina State Governor gives go ahead to killing the opposition

[KGVID width=”550″ height=”350″ downloadlink=”true”]https://ooduarere.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/kastina.mp4[/KGVID] The translation of this video is as follows: Katsina State Governor addressing PDP supporters and given them the go ahead to kill the opposition and calling the oppositions as Cockcroaches just like what the Hutus called the Tutsis before the genocide. All the Newspapers are silent because he belongs to the PDP if it was an APC Governor that made the statement all hell will let loose now. He was speaking in Hausa

atch the video above !

“PDP has touched the lives of every citizen of Katsina state, either as an individual or your family in general.
“If your child is sick you must take him to the hospital to receive treatment for free.
“You must use the well-built road that PDP constructed to go to your house.
“Your children have never paid a single dime for his education in this state since I became the governor in 2007 and that includes WAEC and NECO.
“We should thank Allah for this.
“If you look around, some states that I will not mention here, they keep making the headlines that PDP could not do this or that, but they should know Katsina state is PDP and we have done it.
“You should not be bothered with ‘cockroaches of politics.’
“Cockroaches are only found in the toilet even at homes.
“If you see a cockroach in your house what do you do?
Crowd responds:  “It will be killed!”
Gov. Shema agrees: “Hit them!
“Anyone who does anything against you we’ll retaliate, am telling you now.
“Before now people from the opposition will humiliate us in the PDP and we will say don’t do anything about it but now I am telling you to fight back and ‘quote me’”.


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