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The Four Parameters That Determine The Price Of A Car

I took an engineering material course at the prestigious Johns Hopkins University in my Post Master’s work In applied physics in 2012. In that course, we examined the different engineering materials that are used for building and for making things that we use daily from household items to automobiles, space crafts, and industrial machines. I will just zero down to materials that are used for building automobiles or cars. Four things determine the price of a car and not the famous name brand.

Firstly:The type of material that is used to build the engine of a car determines its market selling price. Two materials are normally used in car engine building globally. Aluminum and Platinum. They are not easily corrosive, durable, malleable, and light. Aluminum is very, very cheap and Platinum is very expensive. Aluminum is about $0.17 per gram and Platinum is $31 per gram. Rolls Royces’ engines are built mainly with Platinum. Luxurious cars that sells for about $35,000 or more are built partially with a bit of Platinum and mostly with Aluminum. Cheap cars are built primarily with Aluminum.

Secondly:The second factor is the power of the engine that is known in science as the horsepower or (hp). The higher the horsepower of an engine, the more powerful the engine is and the faster the car moves. Luxurious cars have between 300hp to 400hp. Rolls Royce has about 550hp. Cheap cars have between 120hp to 200hp. It costs more to build a higher horsepower engine.

Thirdly:The type of material that is used to build the seats, doors, and dashboard of a car are also important in the pricing. The seat cover of cheap cars are made from cloth. The seat cover of luxurious cars are made from leather. The higher the leather grade, stitching,and quality, the more expensive the car will be in the market

Lastly:Expensive cars have more technology, like GPS, Apple Car, sensors, cameras, LED and HID headlights, alloy wheels, high-grade body paint, lane departure warning signal, automatic braking for emergency, keyless entry, thumb start, open roof with moonlight, telescopic steering wheels, heated or cooled seats, satellite radio connection, bluetooth, etc

Author:Dr. Sunday Iwalaiye.

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