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Top 5 Sexiest Cars Of All Time

Top 5 Sexiest Cars Of All Time, According To Horacio Pagani

The Pagani Huarya is one of the most unique vehicles available today.
It’s the is the second vehicle ever created by boutique Italian automaker Pagani, succeeding the most popular and equally pretty Pagani Zonda. Both of the brands’cars are referred to as fast and engaging, using Mercedes-AMG V12 engines and a balanced mid-engine layout. Whilst the performance of Pagani’s automobiles is hard to argue with, the style of the supercars is why is they are truly desirable. In what of Horacio Pagani himself, the engineering and design of the cars go hand in hand, so it’s pretty safe to think about him a professional of sorts on automotive beauty.

We’d a few minutes to chat with the automaker’s founder and CEO, Horacio Pagani, to ask him what he considers to be some of the most beautiful cars of time. This list is hardly surprising, but it’s clear that Mr. Pagani features a soft area for Italian vehicles. He even continued to indicate that numerous of his favorites include Ferraris from the 1960s.

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