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Proof That The World Cup Was Rigged!!!

Whenever we say the World Cup was rigged many of you get mad, why do u guys hate the truth so much? You always say ” Prove that the World Cup was rigged”.

Now let me prove why it WAS RIGGED with the evidence below after which u guys will also prove why it wasn’t rigged;

– Months Before the World Cup, the FIFA president said it would be an injustice if Messi didn’t win the World Cup and a month later he did.

-The chairman of the organizing committee of Qatar 2022 said in an interview that They would love for Messi to win it and the rest was history

-Pundits and analysts around the world affirmed that almost 4 of Argentina’s penalties were NOT penalties and no VAR was used to check all Argentina Penalties.

 (You can go back and check, the worst penalty was that against Croatia)

– 4 Argentina referees were used during the Portugal Vs Morocco match. Argentina was still in the tournament so NO ARGENTINA REFEREE WAS SUPPOSED TO REFER ANY KNOCK OUT GAME.

-After Messi won the World Cup, FIFA  is FOOTBALL GOVERNING BODY  that is supposed to be neutral and unbiased was the first to make a post stating that the debate was over while mocking Ronaldo by using a photo on a post saying you should indicate if u enjoyed the world cup. They only deleted the post two days after they had been heavily criticized.

-One of the main and official sponsors of the World Cup was COCA COLA and if you know better Ronaldo and Coca-Cola don’t see each other face to face so Messi winning was the only way Coca-Cola would payback Ronaldo for what he did to them in 2018 world cup.

I have outlined 6 reasons why I think the World Cup was rigged! Please can you guys give me 6 reasons why it wasn’t rigged???

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