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Photographer captures Albino beauty in a New photoshoot

With an end goal to unwind the secret encompassing individuals with albinism and inspired by pictures of albino skinned  model, Shaun Ross, a New York based picture taker, Angelina d’ Auguste started studying the condition that meddles with DNA, in ...

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Check out Photos Of Super Hot Albino

I just just on a Facebook page called the Queens of Albinism and thought to share the excellent photographs I found there. The majority of these women look like goddesses. Super stunning! –

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Albino Whale

Have you seen Albino Whale before ? Check out The Son of Migaloo spotted In Australia.

Albino skinned creatures are truly celebrated for their specific pigmentation, or deficiency in that area. Having that at the top of the priority list, it’s not amazing that the minute an uncommon Albino skinned whale was seen in Australia everybody turned ...

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