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Should Publishing Lies Be a Crime?

by Eric Zuesse for Ooduarere via The Saker Blog Writing or otherwise saying lies should be civilly but not criminally illegal, but publishing lies needs to remain entirely legal unless the publisher has not practiced due diligence to exclude falsehoods. ...

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#SomeoneTellCNN Trending Worldwide as African Social Media Army tackle CNN Propaganda against Kenyans

CNN propaganda is at again and this time around the twitter sphere social media armies,  Trolls lol have come for them over the headline news titled  “Security Fears As Obama Heads To Terror Hotbed“. This is the narative the Media tries to ...

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Amazing! CNN finally says the truth :-)

Look at this screenshot of a CNN report: I would have favored “arming US controlled Nazis” yet “pro-US troops” is a great first step.

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Nigerian military calls out CNN propaganda.

CNN disclosed a meeting a couple of hours earlier with individuals they claim are Nigerian soldiers who let them know that Nigerian officers are purchasing their own particular pack to battle Boko Haram and when they get harmed in the line of ...

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