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Nigerian parent, African-American others, react to sons impregnating underage girls!

Nigerian, African-American, Afghan,  & American parents react sons impregnating underage girls! LWKD!! Watch the different ways Nigerian, African-American, Afghan andAmerican parents react to news of their sons impregnating underaged girls. Watch the video after the page break.

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Nigerian Scientists discover Dangerous new specie of Snake

Just yesterday, it was announced that a very dangerous snake had just been discovered. Scientists claim that the snake is an enhanced specie of the reptile family. According to a report, the snake increases 0.5 cm in length every time ...

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akpos girlfriend

Joke: Akpors The Madman

A Dirty Dressed Akpos saw a girl and he suddenly ran to her..! The girl seeing him thought he was a madman running towards her. She took to her heels, she ran Continue after the page break.

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AKPOS – EKAITTE:- Sweetheart, I’m GEJ…

AKPOS:- Sweetheart, i’m GEJ EKAITTE:- U’r kidding, Our president is GEJ (Goodluck Ebele Jonathan) AKPORS:- I mean, i’m GEJ- GOING ON EMERGENCY JOURNEY! EKAITTE (Smiles):- Oh! U’re not serious! What kind of journey are u going on? AKPORS:- OBJ EKAITTE:- ...

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Jokes: Akpos got home early from work and heard strange noises coming from the bedroom.

Akpos got home early from work and heard strange noises coming from the bedroom. He rushed upstairs to find his wife naked on the bed, sweating and panting. “What’s up?” he asked. “I’m having a heart attack,” cried the woman. He ...

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facts jokes

Top 10: Facts & Jokes

(1.)People will call you 100 times a day when they want to borrow money from u. and won’t call you the whole year when they owe you money (2.)Women’s pictures and posts on fb attracts more comments more dan men’s ...

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Akpos’s girlfriend paid him a visit last week Friday

My girlfriend paid me a visit last week Friday. When she went to the bathroom to shower, her phone rang, I looked and saw TU-FACE calling. I didn’t say a word. A few minutes later, another call came in and ...

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Photo of the Day !

As seen on Eko Bridge

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blind man

Jokes: Editorial Cartoons

A satiral look at the crazy world around us from an ordinary earth dweller just like you See more when you continue after the page break bellow.

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Jokes: See what happens when your Ex Is Your Wedding Planner (Pic)

At the point when ur ex is your wedding organizer, he/she will make u stroll in the valley of the shadow of death, he/she will trust you never stroll through it.

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