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Ukrainian Plane Crashes After Take-Off In Iran

A Ukrainian passenger plane carrying 170 passengers crashed shortly after take-off in Tehran on Wednesday, according to the semi-official Iranian agency Isna.

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Pentagon Chief Of Staff Resigns Amidst Growing Iran Tensions

Defense Secretary Mark Esper’s right-hand man is leaving his post amid growing tensions with Iran. NBC News’s Hallie Jackson reported Monday that Eric Chewning resigned as Pentagon chief of staff and will leave the Department of Defense at the end ...

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World War 3 – Top 6 reasons IPOB Hatred For Iran Is Born Of Ignorance

When IPOB speaks of affairs in Nigeria, it’s usually with accurate and due research. I wish the group surely could speak on affairs outside Nigeria with the exact same amount of mastery. There’s a trend of support for the US ...

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Zeinab Soleimani

#IranVsUSA: Retaliation Awaits US, Israel – The General’s Daughter, Zeinab Soleimani

Zeinab Soleimani, the daughter of the slain Iranian army chief, Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani, has vowed that her father’s death must be retaliated.

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Qasem Soleiman

Ẹjẹ yóó sàn, bí Amẹ́ríkà ṣe pa olórí ọmọ ogun un wa – lran

Ẹjẹ yóó sàn, bí Amẹ́ríkà ṣe pa olórí ọmọ ogun un wa..lran Kójú má ríbi , gbogbo ara lòògùn rẹ̀,bó ṣe jẹ́ pé, ó ń bọ̀ ,ó ń bọ̀ , gbogbo ara ní wọ́n mú tó o.À bí kí lọ̀rọ̀ ...

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#IranAtack: Iran Identifies 35 U.S Targets For Retaliatory Attacks, Revenge Strikes Expected ‘Within Weeks

Iran government has identified at least 35 U.S. targets for their retaliatory attack following the death of its Revolutionary Guards commander, Qasem Soleiman, who was killed in a United States airstrike ordered by President Donald Trump. Iran president Hasan Rouhani ...

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Trump missile

#IranAttack: “US Just Spent Two Trillion Dollars On Military Equipment”.- Trump

US President Donald Trump has revealed that America has just acquired military equipment worth Two Trillion Dollars and are ready to use it to attack Iran.

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Iranian General: American Rapper, Cardi B Blasts Trump, To File For Nigerian Citizenship

American rapper and songwriter , Cardi B , has expressed dissatisfaction with the killing of a top Iranian general , Qasem Soleimani , by the United States government . The songwriter made this known in a tweet , where she ...

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Soleimani assassination: Trap set for Iran war

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Mohammed Marandi

Tehran University’s Mohammed Marandi comments on the murder of Soleimani

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