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Funny pictures

When Ghanaians Hear The Words “Guantanamo Bay Detainees” See more photos after the page break.

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When Julius Berger’ Staff Finally Decides To Tie the Know.

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Lol of the day !

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Photo: See Proof lol (True or False ?)

Just saw this on a friend’s DP.. Proof that girls have always loved guys with ‘cars’ or anything mobile from early age..  

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10 funnies

Check out top 10 Funniest Faces While Doing Sports

Regardless of inspirational athleticism, dedicated enthusiasm and determination, the universe of games has a lot of clever and entertaining minutes. Unless you’re the incredibly photogenic marathon gentleman, it’s amazingly difficult to look great while doing sports. Sports photography can now ...

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lol of the day !!! – See how to scare Nigerians in the U.S

Laugh wan kill me die !!  

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Photo: When The Cat Is Afraid Of Contacting Lassa Fever (Pic)

Got this pic from a companion, smile. Be that as it may, Ooduareres, can cats get contaminated with lassa fever too?,or or carry the virus?….  

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Photo: Lawmaker Wears “BOO” Cap To The National Assembly

Ladies, Finally Your BOO Has Been Found..Here is your BOO ladies. lwkd!

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akpos hospital proof

When Akpos’s Boss Wants Proof That He’s In The Hospital (Photo)

“See what happens when akpos’s manager needs to see a photo of him in the healing center”. This comical photograph which demonstrates Akpos “deluding himself” with a water dispenser on his bedgrin.

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What is wrong with this photo ? (Matriculation Ceremony Version)

When Your Friend Is Forced To Attend Matriculation Ceremony

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