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akpos hospital proof

When Akpos’s Boss Wants Proof That He’s In The Hospital (Photo)

“See what happens when akpos’s manager needs to see a photo of him in the healing center”. This comical photograph which demonstrates Akpos “deluding himself” with a water dispenser on his bedgrin.

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What is wrong with this photo ? (Matriculation Ceremony Version)

When Your Friend Is Forced To Attend Matriculation Ceremony

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What is wrong with this photo ? (Vegetarian version)

How You Chill In The VIP Lounge As A Vegetarian

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Akpos’s quote: Do you agree ?

A Woman who rejects a man with vision and follows a man with television (touch screen) will soon watch a man with vision on her husband’s television. Am I making sense ?

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Nigerian parent, African-American others, react to sons impregnating underage girls!

Nigerian, African-American, Afghan,  & American parents react sons impregnating underage girls! LWKD!! Watch the different ways Nigerian, African-American, Afghan andAmerican parents react to news of their sons impregnating underaged girls. Watch the video after the page break.

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Funny Photo: When Teacher Forgets & You Want To Remind Him Of Homework

See, this one na efiwe haha

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Funny Snapshot: A Guy Flirts With Adidas Online Assistant (

Hahaha !

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Joke of The Day: If you want Olodumare to locate you..

Your current facebook location is London. Your school is university of Lagos and you work at “MTN, South Africa”. Your tweet is from Malaysia. Your BBM location is Dubai and your real GPS location is a village in Ebonyi State……. ...

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Funny Video: This man Got Talent

So funny African’s are Blessed with Amazing Talent Lol  watch the funny video after the page break.

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