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Conversations with Dr. Fadi Lama II

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Why is Russia not getting weak economically despite sanctions?

French economist Jacques Sapir once wrote an article about the Russian economy.I quote him in general below.A big reason for this miscalculation, according to Sapir, is exchange rates. If you simply convert Russia’s GDP from rubles to dollars for comparison, ...

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High crude prices create an incentive for oil smuggling – Wale Okunrinboye

When prices are high, there is a lot of incentive for people to try and make money from it in the export market as they expect to make more money. This is according to Wale Okunrinboye, Head of Research at ...

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Bitcoin did not fall, but oil Futures Fell to $0

Welcome to another edition of Bitcoin(BTC) Today, where I, Scully009, tell you what’s been going on with BTC in the past 24 hours. Bitcoin price We closed the day, April 20 2020, at a price of $6,881. That’s a notable ...

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What is the future of Oil Exporting Nations ?

“I can see the drop in oil prices continuing in finitum, particularly when one considers the US now producing its own gas and oil in large commercial quantity through hydraulic fracturing – “fracking”. The US, and in the neatest future, ...

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