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Ori mi gbere ko mi loni o…

Orí. Kò sí òòṣà tí í dá ni í gbè lẹ́hìn orí ẹni. Orí là bá bọ, à bá fòrìṣà sílẹ̀. Ori mi gbere ko mi loni o..

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Photo: Contemporary Ilé Orí !

Completed Ile Ori made-to order, commissioned. Cannonball gourd, cowry shells, Czech seed beads, Agate, Moonstone, milk glass, bone, textile cord, felt. Saman whitewash stain

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“The ORI who leaves home in the morning is not the same ORI returning home at night.”

Within the IFA’s teachings this statement means that throughout the day we all learn things and change things within us and from these changes have a third is to hold to deal with these psychological changes that directly reflect the ...

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ORI……ori yeye nii mo GUN……

Ase Oriwa konibabode…..Ogbo Ato lankira ni’ledi……Ogun Lakaaye adowo fomo Awo

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ori ifa verse

The Metaphysics of Ori

Metaphysics of Ori Ori (I.e. the immaterial head) is the initial condition that determines the outcome of human events. Human events/activities are very complicated and random for we exist in a chaos dynamic world. But under the concept of Ori, ...

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Ori: What is the definition of Ori?

Why do you need to feed Ori? How many Ori’s does a person have? What is the icon that is used to worship Ori called that is shown below? What does the word Orisa translate to? Any information is greatly ...

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