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The Metaphysics of Ori

Metaphysics of Ori

Ori (I.e. the immaterial head) is the initial condition that determines the outcome of human events. Human events/activities are very complicated and random for we exist in a chaos dynamic world. But under the concept of Ori, the outcome of these complicated human activities are totally deterministic and predictable. It is the concept of Ori that makes IFA divination possible; without Ori, IFA would not be able to track randomness and make accurate predictions about the outcome of human activities.

Many religious scholars and moral philosophers argue against the underlying concept of Ori for being too deterministic and for denying “free will.” Contrary to this ignorant argument, Ori does not deny free will, and it is not deterministic in the slightest. It is the outcome of human events that is deterministic for every event starts with an initial condition. And since Ori is the initial condition, then Ori is what determines the outcome of human activities.

While the outcome of any human event is totally deterministic; free will, being the controller of human activities, makes every outcome appears random and uncertain. And it’s this free will-induced uncertainty (i.e. uncertainty principle) that made classical physicists (Einstein et al) concluded, erroneously, that a deterministic system could not be uncertain (i.e. Einstein determinism and Heisenberg uncertainty). But the concept of Ori teaches us that free will-induced uncertainty in human activities can be totally reconciled with the ever present determinism in a chaos dynamic world like ours. In other words, free will-induced uncertainty does not preclude determinism – it is a necessary nuisance in a deterministic world. Thanks to Quatum physics, the physics world is slowly catching on to the metaphysics of Ori and the fundamental teachings of IFA.

In conclusion, while the initial condition or Ori is fixed, IFA teaches that with iwa pele (i.e. good character), ise (i.e. hard word), sacrifice, and good information, free will-induced randomness and uncertainty can be drastically reduced in human activities.

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