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palm kernel in yoruba

Our Yoruba Intellects – Then, what is Palm-Kernel in Yoruba ……… ????

Our Yoruba Intellects, ‘ If: Pawpaw is Ibepe Orange is Osan Coconut is Agbon Tangerine is Ahoboro Pineapple is Opeyinbo Banana is Ogede Corn is Agbado Then, what is Palm-Kernel……… ????

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Would you step on a puppy for 18 Billion Naira ?

Your final answer ?

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Question of the day: Foreign language, religion and civilization?

How does asking people to drink water rather than soda, for water is healthier than Soda, translate to any form of hatred for Coke and Pepsi? Similarly, how does asking people to develop and embrace their own language automatically translate ...

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Question of the day !!

If Chinese leaders could lift 500 million of their citizens out of poverty, why is 200 million Nigerians such a massive challenge for our leaders?

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Question of the Day: If you came back to this world again, would you….?

Question of the Day In the event that you returned to this world once more, would you like to wed the man you are hitched to now or you’ll ask Eledumare for another person?

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