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Can someone settle down With 40-50K monthly income In Abeokuta, Ogun State?

Am Kelvin, am situated in Abeokuta, Ogun state where I work with a Firm that pays me N50,000 month to month after duty and benefits. I try however as much as I could reasonably be expected to take part in ...

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My Hubby is very unattractive, How Do I Stop Feeling Ashamed?

I have been hitched for a year now to a man that is exceptionally ugly. I wedded him for two reasons 1. My more youthful ones and companions were all married and I was desperate at 32. 2. He treats ...

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Check out Top 21 Questions To Ask Before Saying “I Do”

A companion of mine as of late figured out that ‘her man’ is hitched. I recollect how hurt she looked when she said to me, “Toby did you realize that John (not genuine name) is hitched?” “Whaaaat!” I shouted in ...

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She Has Helped Me A Lot But All She Wants in return is Marriage

I met a young lady after my service year in 2013, yet then she wasn’t working, we met and began dating. Two months to our relationship she landed a job and has being supporting me fiscally in light of the ...

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Heart of Compassion

Top 10 approaches to Develop a Heart of Compassion

COMPASSION is a heart that trusts in another’s best when they feel they’re the most exceedingly terrible. We all have such circumstances when we feel useless and futile, and who we need is somebody with sympathy; that they may truly ...

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Top 19 Qualities That Set A TRUE BFF Apart From Just A Regular Friend

There are one or two that stand above the rest. There are some very big differences between a BFF and a regular friend. You could have tons of regular friends, but there is something very different about the relationship that ...

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9 Relationship killer Mistakes That will lead One Of You To Cheat

But, that doesn’t mean your circumstance needs to wind up like somebody else’s. Realizing what works and what doesn’t for your relationship, you can avert any Ashley Madison allurement. Here are 9 regular socially awkward act to watch out for ...

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Top 6 Medical Tests Couples Must Do Before They Tie the Knot !

I really feel this is the first article I ought to have composed on this platform. It is an issue that should be persistently tended to. I have heard individuals say that the only thing that is in any way ...

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15 Signs You Are in a Relationship with An Outdated Prostitute (#RunsGirl)

There is still the risk of being conned by your wonderful sweetheart who could be a secretive wh0re or have a background marked by enjoying it. Certain signs must be remembered to distinguish such ladies , in light of the ...

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5 Ways To Tell He’s real About You Within 48 hours Of Meeting Him.

Here’s the way to know without a doubt.Ever go out on a date with a gentleman and it goes so well that you think, “This is it. He’s the one”? Turns out, you’re not “the one” to him. He’s not ...

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