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Another Man Is After My Girlfriend

Hello guys, I have been worried about this issue.
I just graduated recently and am at the peak of my career trying to shape up my life for the better future with my girlfriend, someone that I have been dating for the past 6 months.

We have so much in common and built our relationships with love and trust. The journey wasn’t easy but we were able to settle our differences and understand each other.

Recently she met a childhood friend whom she had a crush on when growing up, but the guy never asked her asked to be his girlfriend never said anything to her cuz he saw her as a small girl then.

The guy is into business and has quite established himself. Last 2 months the guy asked her out and she told me about it cuz she needed my permission whether she should go or not and I said okay she can but it will only be first and last time she will go out with him.

To cut the story short, last night I called her line and she was on another call for more that 30 minutes. I confronted her about it and she started crying, was begging me that she was sorry and that the guy is really disturbing her, asking her to give him a chance, to the extent that she should leave me for him, he will give her anytime and even train in the university.

She told the guy she can’t leave her boyfriend becuz she loves me so much. I was dumbfounded and I don’t even know what to do about it cuz I don’t have the resources (money) at this moment

Relationships gurus what do you think about my situation I need your opinion and suggestions cuz I love this girl so much and want to settle down with her cuz she suffered with me and I suffered with her.

Say whatever you want to but just be brutally honest with me….

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