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A Lot Of Marriages Now Crashing Within 90 Days

A trend is now occurring in our society with most marriages crashing within 2 to 3 months of getting married.

All that most young couples care about is getting married but not staying married. They go about sharing asoebi and spending millions of naira to get married but will quickly run away from the marriage within a twinkle of an eye.

Most of the girls still have someone that they love more but choose to marry the guy that is ready to get married immediately.

Most guys get their fingers burnt out of desperation to just get married without properly dating.

I know a recent case study now as the new wife just left him as he complained to me that the wife was picking up the calls of her ex-boyfriend in their matrimonial home.

He said she even goes to visit her ex when he is at work.

It is such a shame what marriage is turning to nowadays.

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