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Reuben Abati

If Biafra, Afenifere & Boko haram were to be subjected to a referenda, Nigeria will remain One – By Reuben Abati

The Article bellow was written by former presidential spokesperson, Reuben Abati… Democracy does not necessarily translate into the disappearance of crises and dilemmas, (even trilemmas, quadrilemmas or more) in a country, either developed, developing or perhaps evolutionary. Built into the ...

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Reuben Abati reacts to Punch Story – ‘Jonathan demands ₦2trn election funds refund, audit’

Find his response below… The front-page story of the Sunday Punch of April 19 alleging that the Presidency spent a whopping N2 trillion on the 2015 General elections, and that a Committee of Five has been set up by President ...

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Reuben Abati digs into 2003, calls out Tinubu

Presidential representative Reuben Abati posted this extremely uncovering Wikileaks docs on his site. In 2003, Tinubu didn’t want Buhari to be president on the grounds that he believed he was a specialists of destabilization. That was 11 years back, he’s since ...

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