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11 Children & 1 Adult Dead, 36 Saved After Lake Storm in Russia

According to the Russian Emegencies Ministry, the bodies of at least twelve people were found and 36 tourists have been rescued.  A tourist group, consisting mostly of children, has been caught in a strong lake storm in Karelia, northwest Russia, ...

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Russia Defense Report – PAK-FA Nearing Service Entry

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Russia’s Responses to NATO Expansionism – Foreign Policy Diary

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Global Hawk 1

The Russians Shot Down many US Drones Violating Crimean Airspace (Video)

And one of them, the mother of all drones, the massive Northrop Grumman RQ-4 Global Hawk, was apparently commandeered by Russian electronic warfare and landed in Simferopol The war you don’t hear about: numerous American military aircraft (albeit of the ...

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Putin Warns Turkey To Let Syria Be, As Russia Launch Ballistic Missiles

Putin Warns Turkey: Leave Syria The Hell Alone Brave Vladimir Putin told a delegation from the Ukrainian Orthodox Church that if Turkey does not stop funding and supporting ISIS in Syria, he will ‘bring Christianity back to Istanbul.’ ‘Should Turkey ...

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Militants Blame Russia for “Usage of NATO most feared Iskander-m missile complex” in Syria

Media outlets loyal to the militants from the ISIS terrorist group, Al Nusra and some other armed formations blamed Thursday Russia for the usage of a sophisticated tactical ballistic missile system known as Iskander-M in Syria Last night, two Russian ballistic missiles reportedly targeted ...

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Russia Defense Report: Shturmovik’s New Lease on Life

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Pepe Escobar

The Pentagon’s Great Wall of Impotence

by Pepe Escobar for RT No one ever lost money betting on the Pentagon refraining from exceptionalist rhetoric. Once again the current Pentagon supremo, certified neocon Ash Carter, did not disappoint at the Shangri-La Dialogue – the annual, must-go regional ...

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VIDEO: The World According to The Saker – The Duran Interviews The Saker

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the duran

The Duran Interviews Paul Craig Roberts: A Warning from a Fierce Critic of Washington

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