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syrian war

Syrian War Report – September 20, 2016: Militant ‘Humanitarian’ Convoy Destroyed on Road near Aleppo

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end of truce in syria

End Of Truce: Russia Says Unilateral Ceasefire Observance By Syrian Government Forces Is Senseless

The head of the main operations department of Russia’s General Staff, Lt. Gen. Sergey Rudskoy declared during a press briefing on Monday that there is no reason for the Syrian government forces to observe the ceasefire, unilaterally.   “Taking into account the fact that ...

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Syrian Army Pouding ISIS Terrorists Outside Deir Ezzor (Video)

The Syrian army’s artillery has been pounding units belonging to the ISIS terrorist group near the strategic Turdah mountain south of the Syrian eastern city of Deir Ezzor.  

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syria deir ez zour

Syrian War Report – September 19, 2016: Isis Obtains Air Force

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Syrian Army Declares End Of The Ceasefire

The Syrian army command has delcared the end of the nationwide ceasefire in Syria. “It was assumed that the ceasefire will present a real chance to end the bloodshed, but terrorist groups did not adhere to any of the points ...

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us terror plane flying ilegally in syria

Assad reacts to US Aggression in Syria: US Coalition’s Airstrikes on Syrian Army is Aggression Serving Daesh

On Saturday, the US-led coalition targeted the Syrian Army battling Daesh in Deir-ez-Zor. “Increased state support for terrorists hostile to Syria has recently presented itself in the form of naked American aggression against one of the Syrian army positions in ...

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obama putin

Russian Foreign Ministry: White House ‘Defending the Islamic State’ Terrorists

Russia says that the situation in Syria is worsening finding that the rebels have intensified their attacks since the ceasefire came into force on September 12 and laying the blame at the feet of Washington for failing to crackdown on ...

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moderate rebels

‘Moderate’ Rebels Force US Commandos to Run From Syrian Town

As the United States has consistently backed what Washington identifies as “moderate” rebels in the Syrian conflict, video released Friday appears showing the same moderate fighters turning on American Special Forces.  On Friday, the Pentagon announced that a large number ...

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What to Expect from New Cessation of Hostilities in Syria

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SyrianWar Report – September 15, 2016: 250 ISIS Terrorists Killed in Russian Air Strikes

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