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If I go to a protest, what kind of personal information might police collect about me?

On the evening of May 29, New Yorkers went out by the thousands for the first big day of protests following the murder of George Floyd. If they were checking Twitter as they headed out the door, they may have ...

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US Police Brutality: African American Student brutalized By The Police During Arrest

The issue of police ruthlessness stays a hot behind issue in the United States, particularly as it relates to cases including racial minorities. In later times, cases of mercilessness that brought about the passings of Eric Garner, and Michael Brown ...

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Video: To Protect & to Serve? LA Police Brutally Beat, Kill Homeless “Africa” Man

A shocking video emerged obviously indicating cops shooting a few shots at a man in the wake of attempting to stifle him, bringing the issue of police brutality back into the spotlight. A shocking video rose on Facebook obviously indicating cops shooting and ...

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