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Popular Yoruba Actor, Fatai Onibuade passes on!

SO SAD!! Prevalent Yoruba Actor, Fatai Onibuade passes on. The Nigerian motion picture industry, ” Actor Ajiboye Fatai Onibuade has kicked the bucket” Nollywood, has been tossed into another round of grieving as a well known Yoruba performing artist, Ajiboye ...

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AWO YO’OOBA 101 – Part 1 ( Must Read/Learn for Every Yo’ooba Man/Woman)

1. AWO YORUBA THE LANGUAGE OF IFÁ GLOSSARY OF TERMS USED IN IFÁ DIVINATION Awo Fa’lokun Fatunmbi Egbe Iwa Pele 2. Introduction In order to understand the oral tradition of Ifa it is necessary to have some grasp of the ...

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