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Amala Festival to hold in Lagos
Amala Festival to hold in Lagos

Amala festival 2019 set to hold in Lagos

The city of Lagos is waiting patiently to host the very first edition of an annual Food Festival tagged: ‘Amala Festival 2019.’

The festival is directed at bringing together local food vendors, food cafes, restaurant and fresh food outlets under one umbrella to showcase their art and culinary dexterity.

Also, the festival hopes to make a cultural exhibition upholding local and national heritage in the area of food to be able to attract tourist to Lagos state through the festival.


The festival is assembled by Image Consultant and Sports Management Services Limited (ICSMS).

Amala festival is directed at showcasing and celebrating our rich culture and the first delicacy of “Amala” which will be one of many native food, to the mixed population of several races in a cosmopolitan city of Lagos State.

The festival may also seek to advertise local businesses, along with create an energetic and harmonious community atmosphere for people of all ages to enjoy.

Other side attractions include, games arena and unique entertainment from diverse cultures while enjoying the culinary and cuisine of Nigeria.

The function is scheduled to put up from Friday 29th to Saturday, 30th November, 2019 at the Eko Atlantic Laneway, Victoria-Island, Lagos between 8.00am and 10.00pm daily.

Dignitaries expected at the function include, the Lagos State Commissioner for Tourism, Arts and Culture, Royal Fathers, Iyaloja General, other VIP guests from various walks of life.

Marquees is going to be offered at Eko Atlantic laneway to offer shaded seating area for the attendees /visitors and stalls for vendors, along with spaces for cooking demonstrations. Vendors will offer a selection of Amala cuisine with the best soups to compliment it and beverages options for the fair.

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