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Otu nwata akwukwo nwanyi no nag bata ikpeazu ya na Mahadum di n’imo Steeti dara n’ike ma buru onye nwuru anwu!

Otu nwaagbogho no na ngalaba ikpeazu ya na Mahadum di na Imo Steeti aha ya bu Ogamba Angel Chiamaka, ka ekwuru na O dara n’ike ma nwukwazia. Nke a mere obuna mgbe ogbachitechere olu ikpeazu ya na Mahadum nke ndi ...

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Top 6 Annoying Things That Happen Every Time You Have To Enter A Bank (Photos)

1. The insanely long queues If you ever need to go into a banking hall to do whatever, be sure to cancel all your plans for the rest of that day because for some reason, it’s impossible to go into ...

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Maggi Anwuli Oputa: Nwa nwanyi nwa nwoke Charly onye bu Onye newulite anu aru ma burukwa nne nke umu asaa.

  Maggy Anwuli Oputa bu nne nke umu asaa mana anuaru ya adokachala, O bu onye newulite anuaru. Nna ya Charly Nwoke, Onye bu nna Ogbe, Kere foto Maggy na asomumpi nke ndi newulite anuaru we dee Ihe a: Adaeze ...

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Only a woman can fix Nigeria 🇳🇬 ?

It’s not about Linda Ikeji, she doesn’t matter. What matters-however- is CHOICE and the right to make it without being molested.  Women have the rights to choose and do so freely and society will learn to accept that choice and ...

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So men will naturally stifle any living thing around them that blossoms?

So Aunty Stifler insulted men by saying all “men stifle the women” in their lives- the registered dogs who didn’t see how denigrating that is, gave her the thumbs up. Some of the men were even saying “tofiakwa, who will ...

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african traditional religion symbol

I hear Nigerians say that African Gods failed the continent that’s why it was colonized and converted to Christianity- Idongesit

I hear Nigerians say that African gods failed the continent that’s why it was colonized and converted to Christianity- cin essence, white gods like Jesus are stronger than our gods. The white god was equally powerless but since we are ...

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Ego Na Achi Uwa

Ego Na Achi Uwa

EGO NA ACHI UWA – Money rules the world. Medium: Natural soil and leeli on canvass

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relationship and dating

My Date With A “Typical” Nigerian Woman – Darren

I once had a date with a “typical” Nigerian woman and time came for deciding what to eat on the first date. She said; “Please choose for me, I don’t know what to pick.” I asked her politely to make ...

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sanitary towels

Sanitary towels go as high as ₦2000 or £5 in Nigeria!

I am a man; I’ve never menstruated but I stand for adding tampons as a human rights in Nigeria especially for minors. Sanitary towels go as high as N2000 or £5 in Nigeria! How will a girl in a third ...

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African fathers

African fathers: “Idara this one looks just like Essien.” – Idongesit

I grew up with a typical African father but unlike the majority of African fathers, mine was intelligent yet the “Africannish” was still in him. The world had to center around my father; at home, it was statutory impress that ...

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