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I Feel Cheated By This Company. Please Advise

Hi Everyone,

I want to run this through this platform, perhaps I would get some useful input.

I switched companies in March. It was basically due to locations. I was doing fine at my former company. I moved to the latter one because it’s close to my house and offered a little salary raise. Turned out it would be my worst career decision.

First week in April after the lockdown was announced, the company came up with a work from home policy which stated that staff were meant to work only Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Consequently, only 70 percent of basic salary (without the allowances) would be paid, and worse, computation would be made for only the number of days (I.e, 12 days a month).

We were assured it’s just for the lockdown period, and that things would return to normal afterwards.

Surprisingly, by third week of April, about 90% of staff (including I) was laid off, giving us one week notice.

Yesterday, i got N36,000 from them as my salary for April. My agreed net salary before accepting their offer was N240,000, and that’s what I got in March

Considering I’m being laid off, shouldn’t they have at least paid the full salary for the month? I feel greatly cheated. Any advice, please?

Thank you.

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