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Meet the Man who officially made Christianity a Pagan religion

His name is Constantine…
The man who officially made Christianity a Pagan religion
You don’t want to say you are a Christian without researching about this man first,
You’d be shocked what you will find.
One of the enduring lies he sold to the Christians was that Sunday is for worshipping God,
He imported en-masse the Roman paganism into Christianity
He single-handedly made Christianity about works, rituals, routine and legalism,
He shifted everyone’s mind from faith to works,
He weakened the very foundations of the faith,
And amassed enormous political strength
He established the setting up of fancy temples, many built in his name,
He built a city in his name and made it the capital of the Christian world,
He set up Dec.25 as Christmas,
It’s incredible those practices are the hallmark of Christianity till today,
His evil and lies simply multiplied into millions after his death.
He is often referred to as the first Christian Emperor,
But Constantine was smarter than being a Christian,
He, in fact practiced all religions of his day,
His army had a different religion,
The people and pope had a different religion,
Constantine was involved in all the religions to gain the love of everyone
At his death, he asked for water baptism to be cleansed of all his sins…
He convinced the Church to believe in idols,
He gave the church the images of Holy Mary, Jesus, Peter etc
All the images were from the Roman gods
Those images are around till today
So much to write on,
But you should do the research and thinking for yourself,
Don’t blame me for what you will find,
Because you will never join anyone to practice Christianity as a religion ever again…
Success O. Fakolade, MD
Sept, 2017

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  1. Ola Mathew

    Don’t even mention the council of Nicea, founded by Constantine in AD 325 and the birth of the compilation known as the bible…. I think most Christians might pass out! Constantine was a genius in being able to recognise the human need to believe and he used it to his political advantage like most other power mongers in the world do and still continue to do till this day. I find it quite amusing that he himself was not baptised and yet he is the founder of the Roman Catholic Church. Imagine the irony!

  2. Publicist

    I always advise people to know the foundation of the bible collation and the life of the curator before the read the bible itself. Bible was based on political needs and to bring peace into a government. Don’t be surprise that politics and Church are one. The curator removed the real voice of God from the texts and suit the government ego with it

  3. Matthew Oluyede

    Unfortunately all of these lies have been institutionalized; it would take several centuries of constant demolition of these institutions by truth.

  4. I use to wonder why some people use image of Mary , Joseph,Jesus,Paul,etc in their worship,when God clearly stated that we should not make an image of anything, anyone on earth,not even in heaven….this is paganism

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