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9 Artificial Intelligence (AI) that will Shock you !

9 Artificial Intelligence (AI) that will Shock you !

The entire world of science fiction is rarely missing artificial intelligence (AI). However, the rate where it has been developed and is learning things on it’s own sometimes raises the question of whether AI is science fiction or something that’s already entered our society (and we haven’t even realized it yet). AI has got the potential to greatly improve our lives or even to hurt us. With increased industries and jobs being connected to AI, we’ve to simply accept that it’s becoming an integrated element of our society. These 9 incidents show how AI can simply shock us by what it will like in the actual world.


 – 9 AI  Defeated The ‘Go’ World Champion

This  is something every tech enthusiast knows about. AI has beaten the world’s best players of chess, Jeopardy, and Go. And it’s predicted to beat us in poker by 2020. In 1997, there was news in the media when an AI defeated Gary Kasparov at chess. Soon, the notion of AI surpassing human intelligence started growing among people. However, just how a computer plays chess is distinctive from just how so it plays Go.


In chess, the computer uses the “brute force” method. It calculates most of the possible moves and selects one that is the most beneficial. However, Go is definitely an intuitive game. How many possible responses to each move played is more than how many atoms in the universe. So some type of computer can’t use brute force to win the game.When Google’s “AlphaGo” AI Go player defeated Ke Jie, the Go world champion, in 2017, Jie stated that AlphaGo’s execution left him “shocked” and “deeply impressed.” He also stated that the moves created by the computer “would not occur in a human-to-human match.”

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