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Recruitment fraud: Nigerian Air Force arrests 2 undergraduates

Endurance Ehichoya and David Answer Eghosa, both 21 years old and students of Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma, Edo State, who were out to defraud unsuspecting applicants of the ongoing Nigerian Air Force (NAF) Recruitment Exercise 2016, have been arrested.


Their arrest followed a message posted on Facebook by Ehichoya on 25 June, 2016, requesting applicants to contact the Air Secretary, AVM CN Chukwu, through the GSM Number 08145038139 for enlistment assistance into the NAF.
The message also contained the photograph of Chukwu, to lure their would-be clients into believing that the scam is real. When contacted, he had requested the caller to pay the sum of N75,000 into his Savings Account with Fidelity Bank. .

However, the caller, wanting to retrieve as much information as possible, requested that he be provided another bank account on the ground that there is no Fidelity Bank around his area.

This made Endurance drop the details of Eghosa’s bank account with Zenith Bank. The NAF, working with the officials of Zenith Bank, arrested Eghosa who assisted in the arrest of Ehichoya

Two of the Facebook accounts operated by Ehichoya to commit fraud online are BRIDGET EHICHOYA VIOLET which he later renamed ELLA JONNY FROSH, and CREFLO A DOLLAR. .

While both suspects confessed to operating multiple bank accounts, Eghosa confirmed that Ehichoya is a serial scammer, indulging in recruitment and local online dating scam using ladies’ names and photographs to defraud men online.

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