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Nigerians Lambast Gov. Rochas as he ‘wastes’ ₦520M to erect statue of Jacob Zuma in Owerri

A statue of Jacob Zuma was unveiled in Owerri, Nigeria. Many Nigerians are not smilling as Nigeria recently came out of reccession. Spending about ₦520 Mln errect statue of South Africa President,  Jacob Zuma is huge!  See what Nigerians are saying about the Status bellow.

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  1. Emeka A Okoromadu

    while the South africans are killing our people on daily bases….

  2. This is the height of all foolishness in government spending. If you need to put up a statue, do it with sense. Why Jacob Zuma? South Africa continues to threat Nigerians badly in the past decade. Misplaced priority is when you Erect a statue of Jacob Zuma in Nigeria at this particular moment in Nigerian-South African relation/history

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