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Truths of ìfá

What things shall be, what shall be written.

1. There is one Olodumare (God)

2. There is no devil.

3. Except the day you were born and the day you are supposed to die, there is not a single event in your life that cannot be predicted and, when necessary, changed.

4. It is your right of birth to be happy, successful, and accomplished.

5. You must grow and obtain wisdom during the process.

6. You are reborn through your blood relatives.

7. Heaven is ” the home ” and the earth ” the market “. we are in constant passage between the two.

8. You are part of the universe in a literal, not figurative way.

9. You must never hurt another human being.

10. You must never harm the universe of which you are part.

11. Our spiritual and spiritual abilities should work together.

12. You are born with a specific path. Our goal is to travel it. Guessing provides your road map.

13. Our ancestors exist and must be honored.

14. Sacrifice ensures success.

15. the òrìṣà lives inside us.

16. You don’t have to be afraid

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