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What Ifa says in Òtúrá’Gàsá (Ótúrá Òsá)

Ifá Is Not For The Lazy
When people see competent Babaláwo and Ìyánífás, all they see is their flexible appointments, “easy life” they live, respect and honor they command and their “smooth and peaceful life”, especially when they don’t work under any restrictions of earthly bosses, not knowing that the one that the Awos serve is more difficult to please than the earthly bosses.
Listen to what Ifa says in Òtúrá’Gàsá( (Ótúrá Òsá), when Ifá says:

Awo ló jí Awo ò s’enìkan.
Òle ni lójú Ològbèrì.
Ològbèrì ò mò p’éni t’Áwo ńsìn.
Ó ni’ni lára káká j’Olówó lo.
Adíá f’Áwòdì Òsà.
Èyí tí ńlo rèé wo’Fá Òkín ní’Kàro Ìsaájú.
Ebo nwon ní ó máa múse…
Njé: Àwòdì, o kú ewu.
Ewu iná kìí p’Àwòdì.
Àwòdì, o kú ewu.

When Awo wakes up (s)he serves no one.
(So), (S/)He’s lazy to an un-initiate person.
Un-initiate person does not understand that the One whom Awo serves is more difficult to please than the bosses/(Owners).
Divined for Àwòdì Òsà when he’s going to consult Ifá for Òkín at Ìkàro Ìsaájú.
Thus: Congratulations to you on avoiding danger.
Congratulations to you on avoiding danger.
Inferno doesn’t kill Awodi.
Congratulations to you, on avoiding inferno, Awodi.

It’s difficult and divine to see the “fire” the Priests and Priestesses are passing through, the danger they and their families encounter on daily basis.
People fail to see that many Awo have lost their lives or and their families in the process of saving others.
And yet, all many people think is how easy it is to be indulgent as Awo.
But, to all the Awos who are working in truth, obediently and diligently in the ways of Olodumare, Ifá, Òrìsàs and the Ancestors – I wish you, Àború. Àboyè. Àbosíse.
May Ifá continue to guide, protect and bless you all.

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