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Graphic Photos from one of the deadliest robbery incidents in Nigeria.

There was a fatal theft occurrence that happened in Ikare, Ondo state on Tuesday January thirteenth; bellow are more pics and subtle elements from the assault that left about 20 persons dead, including cops and auxiliary school students of Akunu Grammar School.


The vigorously equipped criminals, who witnesses say were up to 25, came in four vehicles, and blocked streets prompting the business arena. They assaulted banks, business work places and shops and when they were done, many got dead.

They aimlessly slaughtered individuals including four policemen who captivated them, individuals who were withdrawing cash from the ATM, students coming back from school, shop managers and passersby. The most noticeably bad part is, there was a police headquarters near to the banks so they must have felt safe.

When the thieves finished stealing and were making their escape , they executed five more individuals. Schools and banks shut the following day and the legislative leader of the state visited the spot yesterday. Bellow are some truly realistic pics from one of the deadliest live robbery episode. On the off chance that you have the heart, then see it bellow.

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