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Nazism in the Ukraine

The Americans have found Nazism in the Ukraine, by Ruslan Ostashko

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Where have you seen Nazis in the Ukraine? This question to our global neighbours and liberals must now also be posed to American human rights activists. But why have all these NGOs suddenly turned their attention to this problem? Aren’t they undermining Poroshenko?


The Internet knows a special genre of humour concerning Ukraine. It has no official name, but you absolutely know it when you see it. A photograph or video of the latest Ukrainian Nazi excess is taken and the phrase “there is no Nazism in the Ukraine!” or something like “Ukrainian Nazism is Kiselev-propaganda”. The humour is scathing, but sad. If you take a look at the comments of these posts, you can sometimes encounter representatives of those very same neo-Nazis or their Russian sympathisers, who are not only ashamed of, but even proud of what is happening in Kiev, Odessa, or Lvov. You can also encounter self-appointed Russian liberals and (or so they think) Westernising intellectuals, who from their high horses explain to the patriots and vatniks (i.e. us) that what we see with our own two eyes is actually faked, Kiselevite propaganda, an illusion, and that they once showed a fake about a crucified boy on Pervy Kanal, which means that we Russians need to put a sock in it and silently feel jealous of the achievements of the young Ukrainian democratic government.

But here’s where it gets interesting. The Nazis and collaborationists, as well as those who would like to see a Ukrainian “Nuremberg 2.0” have always agreed on one thing: the West will never and not under any circumstances punish Kiev for the Nazi b@st#rd’s excesses, simply because this is not in the West’s favour, and what is more, it was the West that brought them to power. After all, the Americans won’t start sawing away at the planks that the whole anti-Russian project with the name “modern Ukraine” rests on, all the more so because the Maidan’s creators know perfectly well on who the entire structure rests.

So, what happened is that the only truly ideological force in the Ukraine are the radical nationalists, and if they are removed, the Ukrainian project will collapse very quickly, and, consequently, no one in the West will ever acknowledge that the Nazis did not just participate in the project, but played an important role. Until recently, this rule had isolated exceptions: from time to time, brave American or German journalists who because of personal reasons had the audacity and stubbornness to show their viewers and readers the savage Nazi snarl of the modern Ukrainian state and society, the latter of which exists in perfect balance with the former. However, I will repeat that these were isolated exceptions, albeit important ones.

Recently, I came across some news that I do not even know how to interpret on the fly. “As has become known to the “Kommersant”, four international human-rights organisations have simultaneously come forward with an unprecedently harsh joint appeal to the Ukrainian government, which is accused of connivance with ultra-right-wing groups. The letter, which is addressed to the head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov and procurator general Yuri Lutsenko, lists many nationalist attacks on ethnic minorities, members of the LGBT community, journalists, and defenders of human rights, as well as pointing out that in most cases, the Ukrainian police does not even investigate these events. The authors of the letter are also disturbed by the fact that ultra-right-wing activists have received the status of municipal volunteers in several Ukrainian cities.”

Pay attention to the following: if we were to rewrite this report in honest language, it would sound roughly like this: “The US State Department is very unsatisfied with the Kiev regime”. The fact of the matter is that the organisations who wrote the letter to Avakov and Lutsenko are not some non-governmental small fry, but behemoths of the global human rights movement that have always acted exclusively in the name of and according to the directives of its high-ranking American curators. The letter was signed by Amnesty International, Frontline Defenders, Human Rights Watch, and Freedom House: these are all organisations that will not make a single step without a signal from the State Department. Now, these managed State Department human rights activists have suddenly collectively noticed that it turns out there is Nazism in the Ukraine, and that it is not only present, but that it is also integrated in the structure of government and occupying a privileged place in society.

This is important. I will never believe that American NGOs have suddenly found some kind of well-hidden and long-lost conscience. They have never had a conscience or system of morals and will never have them. This means that right now, someone in Washington (and this must be a very influential someone) has decided that the Ukrainian government needed an unpleasant, public blow on the knuckles. This blow was struck with help from Amnesty International, Frontline Defenders, Human Rights Watch, and Freedom House.

I have a theory why these organisations decided to act this way. This is still only a theory, but if Western criticism of the Kiev regime continues, this theory will turn into a conviction. Here’s how my guess goes: there is an old trick Washington uses when control over some colony needs to be kept, despite the fact that the colonial administrators steal, arouse hatred among its populace, and has shown a complete lack of competency. This is how the trick goes: the Americans suddenly find that the colonial government is full of corrupt officials, and, in the Ukrainian case, they have found corrupt officials who also shield Nazis. The Americans begin to roll their eyes, criticise, tear things up, throw things around, and demonstrate in every way they can that they are not to blame for the local population’s misfortunes, but that the local despots are, which the Americans will quickly replace. They are replaced, however, by other colonial governors. Everyone is happy, the spectacle succeeded, and the colony can be ruled in peace again.

In the Ukraine’s case, it is now already clear that Poroshenko’s, Avakov’s and other Maidan politicians’ term of political use is running out, and that it might be entirely possible that the Americans swap them out for other marionettes and write off the Ukrainian Nazis. They know too much anyway. True, if the Americans really do this, it will be entirely unclear who is going to defend the young democracy of the Ukraine from collapse. So, without state Nazism, the Ukraine will simply collapse; however, this will more than be in our favour.

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