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Geopolitical Comment of the Day !

” I’m also very sorry to see Polish leaders lining up their troops to be cannon fodder with US ‘leading from behind’. Always the Slavs sacrificed first in Europe.  Watching the conscript death toll in Ukraine – taken into death traps and abandoned – I have a sick suspicion that population reduction is intended as some kind of economic solution (??).
The world I fear is in the evil grip of a Money / Military / Machiavellian Mafia. A lot of ZioGodfathers, NaziGangsters, Profiteering Warlords and Depraved Banksters … add to that a Goebellean Ministry of Truth owned by 6 interlocked media corporations (same directors – all with vested interests in perpetual war military industrial sales, oil etc).

I look at the installed neoKhazaria Kiev junta, who controls America – hijacks Congress with impunity, and worry we are all becoming one big Gaza under economic and ‘Homeland Security’ siege, with ‘Mowing the Lawn’ at any given pretext.

I’d like to blame 09/11 for the awful turn of world history. It was the ‘Pearl Harbour’ of what is now perpetual war oF terror…. but I think it started long before then. Operation Paperclip probably accounts for at least some of the megalomaniac world fascism?!!

But like you, I have hope that the pendulum has swung as far as older civilisations will allow it to. Let’s hope that the enduring humanity of Russian, Indian, Chinese cultures will push the juvenile delinquent savages of both America (and it’s middle east colonial carbuncle) into history’s dustbin as a failed reign of terror….. soon.”

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