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Ogun Lakaaye – Ogun yeeeeeeeeee

Ogun,the brave orisha that work in the day and
night .
Ogun is the orisha that is well-known for his
power of creativity.
The gods of hunters, woodcarvers, blacksmiths,
barbers, mechanics, medicine men and much
Ogun is the Orisa who clears the way of all
Obstacles and opens the way for Prosperity.
The Orisha that made path for all the orishas to
come to earth when the way was blocked.
Ogun lakaye,onijaoole
ejemun Oluwanran
Adigirigiri re ibi Ija
Alaimonkan monkan eniyan ni o pe bi ogun ba
gba ile
oun a si gba oko lo
Ta ni o sai mon pe orisha ti o gba ile, o le gba
oko gba oko gba odo lowo eni.
Ogun ma mon ba n ja, ire ni o da wa fun mi..ase
Ogun yeeeeeeeeee
Ogun is econgnised by many in the world.In
Benin,Ogun is known as Ogu, in Ghana he is
Called Adade Kofi he indeed is respected
throughout the world

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