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Wondering What’s going on in Cameroon’s Obama 300 Marines?

Cameroon to host logistics base of AU standby force, and Obama announced yesterday that he’s sending 300 marines to Cameroon. What’s going on in Cameroon?
To understand what’s going in Cameroon, you need to understand the Chad basin geopolitics. Central to the Chad basin geopolitics is the power play between a Chinese firm, SINOPEC and a global conglomerate, Glencore.
Glencore CEO is Ivan Glasenberg – wink*, wink*. Put a trace on Glencore, and you’ll begin to understand why Clueless Jonathan stopped the oil exploration in the NorthEastern side of the Chad basin, and why the North East of NGR is in such a Shabolic state. And if you’re soulless like some people I know, you can even invest in Glencore stock (Glen.L). Glencore stock closed down at $116.39 yesterday from its high of $337.28 a year ago.
If you don’t understand why they would not sell you weapons, I hope you now understand.
Wake up!!!

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