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Odù kan gorí àtẹ,Ọdẹ́gbèmí Ọdẹ́gbolá11 goróyè Àràbà nílẹ̀ẹ̀bàdàn

Odù kan gorí àtẹ,Ọdẹ́gbèmí Ọdẹ́gbolá11 goróyè Àràbà nílẹ̀ẹ̀bàdàn Onírúurú aṣọ lára alágẹmọ, onírúurú ètè lápèjẹ sààráà lọ́jọ́ tí orí mádé, w nu agogo idẹ ní tií wà, ọrùn w’ọnú lèjígbà ìlẹ̀kẹ̀, àní lọ́jọ́ tó mú ìbàdì Àràbà Ògbó awo ,Oloye ...

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Odu, Otua rete

Looking at Odu, Otua rete cast for today’s Ose Ifa, I conclude that fulfilling the obligation is necessary as a way of thanksgiving. Just listen to the sacred message from the Odu as follows:- Alayonbere abiru gbooro Adifa fun Modupeola ...

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Odu and Obi cast for Ose Ifa today: Ogbe Yonu

Looking at the Odu and Obi cast for Ose Ifa today, “Ogbe Yonu”, I just have to declare that we shouldn’t mind what people say about us in as much as we have the support of the great delegate of ...

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ose ifa

Ifá náà ki bayi wípé: Eye òkun, Eye òsà

Ekaaro eyin eniyan mi, aojiire bi? Aku amojuba osù tuntun òkudù yi, osù tuntun náà yio sanwa sowo, somo ati si aiku baale orò o, mosi tun fi asiko yi ki gbogbo awa onisese lagbaye wípé aku odun bara mi ...

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Unspecified- is there fasting in IFA like Muslim does ?

Me-No Unspecified-please make it clear Me -OK.. Goes thus √ The dishonest travelled for 20 years and failed to return The dishonest travelling for 6 months and failed to return Even the remnants of Inner truth is greater than a ...

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Holy Odù Èjì Ogbè

Odu Eji Ogbe – The Chant

Ori koo da mi ‘re – Ori bless me abundantly Orisa ma jee nsowo asenu – Orisa do not let me labor in vain Adifa fun okankan lenirunwo Irunmole – Divinated for 401 + 1 Orisa Nigbati won ntode orun ...

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ifa ni

Won’t You Appreciate Good Things If You See One? Please Listen To This;

Olu sola Edumare sogo Iwori wo’tura Eni ti o ba ri ohun ewa ti ko wo A d’otosi Translation God creates wealth Glory be to God Iwori, look at Otura Whoever sees a thing of beauty and doesn’t appreciate it ...

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odu obara

See What Odu Erindilogun(Obara) Teaches us

The Odu Erindilogun(Obara) teaches us that there are two things we must to do accomplish anything great in life. First, we must live and venerate our ancestral culture, treating it as the reservoir with which water our farms. Secondly, we ...

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Please listen to the Odu cast today, Monday, Ojo Aje

In observing Ose Ifa today, we must not forget Esu Odara. Orunmila and Esu are inseparable, hence they are worshipped on the same day. Please listen to the Odu cast today, Monday, Ojo Aje(day of money),” Ofun peyin (Ofun wonrin):- ...

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Ogbe Rikusa ifa Divination

Divination Process: Ifa Verses (Odu Ifa) 16 Principal Odu

Ifá is a system of divination that originated in West Africa among the Yoruba ethnic groups. It is also practiced among believers in Lucumi, (sometimes referred to as Santería), Candomblé, West African & Diaspora, and similarly transplanted Orisa’Ifa lineages in ...

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