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Ogbe Rikusa ifa Divination

Divination Process: Ifa Verses (Odu Ifa) 16 Principal Odu

Ifá is a system of divination that originated in West Africa among the Yoruba ethnic groups. It is also practiced among believers in Lucumi, (sometimes referred to as Santería), Candomblé, West African & Diaspora, and similarly transplanted Orisa’Ifa lineages in ...

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What OFUNDUDU corpus revealed today!

May our endeavors never end up in vain today amen. It is OFUNDUDU corpus that revealed today, ifa warns whosoever this corpus revealed out for that he/she should never in his/her life lied against anybody so that he/she may not ...

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Please help: Have you heard of almost 4000 odu ?

Aboru Aboye Abosise……Has anyone ever heard of almost 4000 odu?   I recently unknowingly witnessed a reading being done where the ikin were multiplied to get numbers over 256…and the oluwo doing the divination would pull 8 ikin….then the next ...

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The Odu of the year warned men about getting in the affairs of Women !

Can someone tell me why would Orunmila put out this warning? What are the consequences? It seems when Odu warns us of something it is really foretelling of what is to come…do you agree?

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