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Please help: Have you heard of almost 4000 odu ?

Aboru Aboye Abosise……Has anyone ever heard of almost 4000 odu?


I recently unknowingly witnessed a reading being done where the ikin were multiplied to get numbers over 256…and the oluwo doing the divination would pull 8 ikin….then the next set he pulled would be 6…he would multiply that and he would say the odu is the 48th odu…then for the next he would pull like 5 ikin…and multiply the 5 by 48…making the next odu the 240th odu…and he would keep doing this he got all 8 grid lines on the opon filled with odu. has anyone every heard of this style of divination…know the origin?

I ask this respectfully

~Alejandra Sabb

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