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Top 5 Tricks to Never Lose your Luggage

During a trip, your luggage is the most important asset. This is because nearly everything you need for your vacation is kept in it. Part of the items also include your travel documents. Hence, you will not want anything to ...

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6 of Top 6 Exciting Tips on How to Avoid Travel Scams

Street games Avoid street games completely. Try to ignore them when you see a crowd flocking in the direction of the public fight, betting competition or floor games such as the ones played in the dark alleys of Abia. Did you ...

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3 of Top 6 Exciting Tips on How to Avoid Travel Scams

Money changers As a traveller in a new country, you often expect to convert your currency into the acceptable legal tender without a fuss. While this is great, there is need to apply some measure of discretion. Visit a Bureau De ...

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5 of Top 6 Exciting Tips on How to Avoid Travel Scams

Free taxi rides It is not safe to accept a lift from a stranger or a taxi on any highway. Rather, it is advisable you go to the cab park to take one. Besides, if anything happens, such as a ...

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4 of Top 6 Exciting Tips on How to Avoid Travel Scams

 Friendly local photographer Having a photographer take your picture isn’t a problem. However, you need to be aware of the position of your items and properties because the photographer’s aim may to take your attention away from them and before you know ...

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2 of Top 6 Exciting Tips on How to Avoid Travel Scams

Cheap or discounted tickets Cheap and discounted tickets are very enticing. However, many of these cheap or discounted tickets are avenues to swindle customers especially when they are sold by unauthorized outlets. This may result in you losing money, spending ...

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1 of Top 6 Exciting Tips on How to Avoid Travel Scams

Distractions and diversions You can encounter distractions or diversions wherever you go. For example, at the airport, Bus Park or at a crowded function in a Lagos suburb, they are always waiting for an opportunity to strike. The pick-pockets are spontaneous. They ...

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Contrabands to watch out for on a trip to Nigeria

Barring any unforeseen hitches, your entry into Nigeria should be smooth. After all, Nigeria is either your home country or host nation. However, things can take a strange turn when your personal property is tagged contraband and confiscated by immigration ...

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Helpful survival tips for travel emergencies

Travelling should be fun and safe. However, no journey is entirely 100 percent risk-free. Unplanned occurrences like a terrorist attack, robbery incidents, plane crashes and shooting or natural disaster can happen without forewarning. If you are ever caught in a ...

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See 5 Movies to Feed Your Desire to Travel

  Do you have a little time to spare and have been dreaming of a long-deserved vacation? If you do, what is delaying it? Many people often want to travel for fun and leisure, but either due to a busy ...

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