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Looking for God !

Some were looking for God. They found themselves. Some found religion. Some in the process, found faith and lost their five senses. Some found God, and refer to their brothers as Infidels, Gentiles and Pagans. Some were looking for God. ...

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Nje iwo mo arewa obirin meji yi ?

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Ifa University Student: Is Orunmila and Osun parents of Esu Odara?

I was told recently this connection was mentioned in Osetura

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What is the Yoruba name for potters?

I just finished watching a documentary by Chris Roy on Yoruba potters. What is the Yoruba name for them? In most places its a craft passed from mother to daughter. What most are not aware of is that the Chinese ...

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What happened to the Yoruba horseman?

They were known to be excellent riders. The Orisa even Oya is depicted as riding in their icons. We even refer to the possession priests as elegun and esin (mounts and horse).

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Ogun meje logun mi !!

“Ogun meje logun mi” looking at different functionalities of Ogun one will accept that Ogun is a Technologist. I would like us to discuss it extensively. Photo- Ogun shrine. Ifa University

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University of Ifa Student: What is the difference between an Olorisa and an Iyalorisa or Babalorisa?

All responses needed. Photo: Yemoja priestess praising Yemoja at the River.

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Back in the day photo of Footballer Onazi Ogenyi

Here is a photograph of Super Eagles footballer Onazi Ogenyi (left) and his partner, Sani Emmanuel from when they were playing for Nigeria’s U17. At the point when men were boys….

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Military releases press statement, shares photos of weapons seized from B’Haram

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Freeze speaks on his separation, says “You can’t mend a broken egg”

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