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Between Ochuko and Akpos

Ochuko walks into a bar and sees his friend, Akpos at a table drinking by himself. Approaching Akpos, he comments, “You look terrible. What’s the problem?” Continue bellow.

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akpos face

Jokes: Akpos the house help, entered Madam’s room without knocking

Akpos the house help, entered Madam’s room without knocking. MADAM: Akpos, this is wrong, what if I was naked or dressing up? AKPOS: That can never happen, madam. MADAM: How can you be so sure? AKPOS: I always peep first ...

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akpos in new york

Jokes: A Nigerian Man Akpos walks into a bank in New York City

A Nigerian Man Akpos walked into a bank in New York City and requested for the loan officer. He said he’s going to Nigeria for one month holiday and needed to borrow 1,000 Dollars. The bank loan officer said the ...

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akpos lecturer

Between Akpos and his Lecturer

One day a Lecturer was talking about marriage in class… Lecturer : What kind of wife would you like, Akpos? Akpos: I would want a wife like the moon… Lecturer : Wow !! what a choice… do you want her ...

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saraki pdp

Senate Not Paying A anything For Facebook Training – Saraki

Nigeria’s senate president, Bukola Saraki has expressed that the upper chamber won’t be paying a kobo for their Facebook training taking after inquiry from natives of the most populous african country on the planet. Saraki who reacted to Nigerians on ...

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Esu is not Satan

Google Translate: Èṣù is not Satan or Devil – Spread the word (Video)

This is a peaceful campaign and awareness of who Èṣù (or Esu) is. We should all get a polo shirt and customized it with ” Èṣù- (or Esu) is not Satan”. Come December 24th, 2015, wear it to anywhere you are going ...

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Syrian Army liberates the town of al-Hader

The Syrian Arab army and allied forces established full control over the strategic town of al-Hader and a number of villages and farms in the southwestern countryside of Aleppo province.

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Foreign Policy Diary – The India-Pakistan Conflict

If you are having trouble viewing this video, go to the Youtube version at https://www.youtube.com/user/crimeanfront/videos

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Just In: Russia Vexes, deploys S-400 in Syria (Photo)

Yup. I heard the rumor earlier today but I wanted a wait a little to get a confirmation. Cassad (whom I trust) has just confirmed: Russia has deployed S-400s in Syria: S-400 in Khmeimim S-400 at the Russian base of ...

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boko haram

Pics: Nigerian Army arrest one B’haram memeber, rescue many women & children

Nigerian troops of 28 Task Force Brigade in a joint exertion with the Nigerian Air Force, crushed Boko Haram camps along Bitta and Damboa axis and in the process safeguarded 61 persons abducted in the past and held hostage by ...

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