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akpos face

Akpos, a driver who survived in a tragic accident…

Akpos, a driver who survived in a tragic accident which rendered 50 people dead at Lagos-Ibadan Express Way was remanded in police custody to assist in police investigation. Here is the Interrogation: POLICE: Mr Akpos, how did you end up ...

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Jokes: Between Secondary School geography Teacher & Akpos

A secondary school geography teacher Akpos went to drink at a beer parlour after school on a friday. His wife was at home waiting for him to come back as usual. It was past 4pm and he was not yet ...

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Funny Video: Check out this Expensive Jacuzzi, Worth ₦150,000,000

So funny Customized African Jacuzzi costs a whooping ₦150,000,000 Lol

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akpos girlfriend

Joke: Akpors The Madman

A Dirty Dressed Akpos saw a girl and he suddenly ran to her..! The girl seeing him thought he was a madman running towards her. She took to her heels, she ran Continue after the page break.

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AKPOS – EKAITTE:- Sweetheart, I’m GEJ…

AKPOS:- Sweetheart, i’m GEJ EKAITTE:- U’r kidding, Our president is GEJ (Goodluck Ebele Jonathan) AKPORS:- I mean, i’m GEJ- GOING ON EMERGENCY JOURNEY! EKAITTE (Smiles):- Oh! U’re not serious! What kind of journey are u going on? AKPORS:- OBJ EKAITTE:- ...

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Top 15

Check out top 15 Funny Childhood Nostalgic Pics That Will Make You Feel Old

1) Goody goody, mehn this thing sweet die, if you ate this during your childhood you’ll understand. 2) Oya lie say u never did this during your childhood.. One of my friends in sec school then fit chop pen cover in his ...

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Question Of the Day: How many cups of Garri will you find in 500g bag of Ijebu Garri ?

Question of the Day: If a cup of Ijebu Garri weighs 130g how many cups of Garri will you find in 500g bag of Ijebu Garri ?   Have you been wondering how many Gram(g) is in One Nigerian Cup ...

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What is Ifá’s position on GAY marriage?

My RESPONSE to the very much insistently asked questions from friends and associates, within and mostly outside Indigenous Faith of Africans believers ( IFA ), on Ifá’s position about the global ranting GAY marriage that has arouse much confrontations between ...

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Heart of Compassion

Top 10 approaches to Develop a Heart of Compassion

COMPASSION is a heart that trusts in another’s best when they feel they’re the most exceedingly terrible. We all have such circumstances when we feel useless and futile, and who we need is somebody with sympathy; that they may truly ...

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Top 19 Qualities That Set A TRUE BFF Apart From Just A Regular Friend

There are one or two that stand above the rest. There are some very big differences between a BFF and a regular friend. You could have tons of regular friends, but there is something very different about the relationship that ...

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